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Inspired eLearning: Training your employees on cybersecurity awareness can help reduce your risk of suffering a breach and is often part of compliance regulation requirements. Inspired eLearning offers engaging training solutions that help you ensure adoption.

Inspired eLearning

Topia Technology: Triple-layer, enterprise-level encryption technology secures your data in-transit and at rest for full security, privacy, and compliance.

Topia Technology

NetWatcher: Qualys’ traffic analyzer tool monitors your data around the clock, providing intelligence on any cyber threat.


Splunk: This SIEM technology uses machine-learning to monitor and gather data throughout your entire network, identifying anomalies and malware and staying alert to new kinds of threats.


Darktrace: This tool uses AI and traffic analyzation to establish the difference between normal behaviors and outliers. In effect, it creates a cyber immune system to defend your environment against cyberattacks.


PacketSled: Specializing in deep packet inspection (DPI), PacketSled is a combination firewall/IDS/IPS that detects, identifies, and deflects sophisticated threats in real-time.


Rapid7: Industry leader Rapid7 offers an array of cybersecurity tools and services, such as InsightIDR—a behavioral analysis tool that identifies attacks and sets traps for unwelcome invaders. Rapid7 also offers penetration testing, application security, vulnerability management, and SIEM tech.


KnowBe4: You can’t afford to ignore the human element of your security; your employees need to be trained on phishing, malware, ransomware, old and new methods used by cybercriminals, and social engineering techniques. KnowBe4 offers educational programs designed to strengthen your human firewall.


ServiceNow: ServiceNow’s cloud platform serves to automate many of your manual work processes and streamlines inter-department dealings to fully align your business. We can integrate your cybersecurity with your existing ServiceNow instance.


Qualys: Their real-time cloud-based dashboard provides an easy way to ensure your cybersecurity efforts are up to compliance standards. Qualys also offers auditing, vulnerability management, and security for IT systems and web applications.


NINJIO: Short, engaging videos teach your employees about how to identify and protect themselves from known and emerging cyber threats. A new video is released every month, and brief quizzes allow you to ensure accountability and adoption.


Alien Vault: Their Unified Security Management platform combines vital security technology with threat intelligence. USM also offers SIEM, behavioral monitoring, log management, compliance, and vulnerability assessments.

Alien Vault

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