Education Workshops

Benefits of Awareness Training



Don’t just disseminate information, but actually create a company culture of awareness by helping your team understand common cybercrime methods and how small actions or inactions can jeopardize an entire network.

<p><strong>Customized Lessons</strong></p>

Customized Lessons

Workshops cover the best security practices for your industry, the particular threats facing your organization, and how current patterns impact your cybersecurity posture.



The point of this training isn’t to point the finger at people’s mistakes, but to learn from them. Vulnerabilities found during an assessment are presented and discussed in a positive, educational way.

Freedom Security Alliance conducts on-site educational workshops, led by a CISSP-certified engineer, to train your employees on cybersecurity. These training sessions are well-planned, interactive, and tailored to your needs, and the duration of each is designed to keep your employees engaged.


In addition to our workshops, we also offer a variety of managed cybersecurity services, including consulting, penetration testing, remediation, compliance audits, and security assessments. The results of a security assessment or pen test can be included with your workshop to make the training even more tailored and useful. Contact us today to see how our workshops can turn your employees into a human firewall for your organization.

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