About FSA

Freedom Security Alliance (FSA) provides comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenge facing businesses today: Managing the rapidly escalating, highly variable vulnerabilities and threats to cybersecurity in today’s complex world of cybercrime. FSA provides an all-encompassing approach that features best-of-breed, best-of-market services, solutions, and infrastructure.

FSA’s focus is to identify, implement and manage the myriad services, software and methodologies required to protect your firm and your employees against cybercrime, while providing the structure you need to achieve meaningful scale. FSA Membership addresses all aspects of cybersecurity required to help you address your security compliance needs and protect you from data breaches. FSA Membership is the affordable, all-inclusive solution for IT departments and organizations that need to address the escalating complexities of cybersecurity.

The FSA formula includes three critical elements: First, a state-of-the art Security Operations Center (SOC). Second, a world-class team of Security Experts who can scale to meet any demand. Third, an alliance of best-of-breed solutions, professionally managed. FSA addresses the reality that a single platform or service cannot answer every type of threat that your company may face. Rather than allowing our members to be tethered to just one technology, software or service that could potentially leave the door open for new threats, FSA brings a new Membership & Alliance model to the market.

The FSA model provides your company with a comprehensive solution that accelerates your cybersecurity model with a distinctive cost advantage.

The Team

Ephraim ebstein

Co-Founder / CEO
Ephraim Ebstein was raised in California and has worked in the IT industry since 2000, specializing in Cybersecurity. Ephraim’s driving purpose is to stop the bad guys and protect good people. Dedicating most of his focus to consulting has allowed him the opportunity to work in over one hundred separate IT environments throughout his career giving him vast amounts of hands on experience. In 2012, Ephraim co-founded Freedom Security Alliance realizing the significant need for trusted cybersecurity solutions in the industry. A firm believer in the value of company culture, Ephraim is focused on creating an environment where trust and innovation defines Freedom Security Alliance. At Freedom Security Alliance Ephraim has grown an advanced cyber operations team in the United States. Ephraim is uniquely positioned to expertly mentor cybersecurity experts, analysts, and operators alike in facing evolving cyber threats.

Joel Richey

Co-Founder / COO
Joel Richey was raised in California and has a long history of entrepreneurial success. Joel has helped several companies go from an idea to a thriving active business. With his attention turned to the technology sector, he and Ephraim Ebstein used their combined skillset and experience to shape Freedom Security Alliance. Joel has always focused on taking a revolutionary approach of “disruptive innovation” to IT. Bringing a fresh perspective to an industry sorely needing a reboot he and Ephraim have successfully taken their holistic approach to service nationally. Through Freedom Security Alliance rapid expansion, Joel provides leadership from the Texas office. Joel’s purpose is the create a cybersecurity organization that is transparent and worthy of trust.

Jennifer Louis

Director of Business Operations
Jennifer Louis brings to Freedom Security Alliance a diverse background of business operations, sales and marketing for both start-up organizations and large corporations. With over 15 years’ experience working within various industries including: IT, Medical, Chemical and Industrial she has a proven success rate of maximizing a company’s true potential in the market place both within the US and Europe. With Cyber Security becoming an urgent need in multiple industries, Jennifer joined FSA in 2016 in an effort to bring a true global Cyber Security solution and education to companies around the world.